AZ Golf Trip Guide


Golf can get pretty pricey out here, especially if you're a local and play all the time. Millions of people travel every year to play some of the best courses in the country and unwind in the beautiful scenery. Here are some of the ways to cut costs for visitors and residents.

How To Save on Golf

  • Book as far out in advance as possible. There is a price algorithm for every tee sheet, and most of the time it's better to plan ahead.
  • Most courses operate on a 60-90 day booking window.
  • "Peak" season = end of January - March.
  • Weekdays are cheaper than weekends, twilight afternoon times are cheaper (although you may not get a full 18 holes in). The same goes for hotel and Airbnb rates. Book during the week if you can swing it!
  • Online booking sites offer discounted rates and the occasional super deals.
  • It never hurts to ask the pro politely to match an online rate if you find one!
  • Keep in mind, not every course you're looking for will be on there; and sometimes these sites are misleading-where you pay a portion and the rest (that's sometimes more than the advertised rate) for the course.
  • Booking sites -
  • Most courses offer group booking rates, where you get a deal for a large party of golfers, and sometimes even food and beverage deals.
  • 36 hole rates are common, where if you play twice in one day or twice in a week you get a discount. Inquire when booking.
  • If you are a resident here, it never hurts to ask for an Arizona resident rate! Keep in mind that the rate usually only applies to the golfer with an ID card, not for the rest of the out-of-towners in the group.
  • Lots of courses have resorts/housing on property.
  • Legacy, WekoPa, Talking Stick, Quintero, Whirlwind, TPC, Troon North, Camelback, Wildfire to name a few! (check my Stay tab)
  • Some people go through golf travel agencies for big trips. There are some super deals to be found that set up hotels/housing and tee times for you, with different price tier options. Mostly all of these are prepaid and usually coordinated with a travel agent from the company. Here are some websites I've found to be the most popular:
  • Some other sweet stay and play packages that fly under the radar!

*Keep in mind that you can't necessarily pick and choose exact tee times for the specific course you want to play at, but most of these sites will work with you to curate a golf course and lodging combo to accommodate your group's wishes.

(Highly recommended for locals or for those that come for extended stays)

  • Can get a two - person or a four-person card that's good at any public Troon course in the valley (there's about 15!). During season, it peaks at ~$600 for a twosome card or ~$850 for a foursome card. Significantly cheaper deal in the summer. If you want to play some of the best courses in town and get rewards points, this is the card. Pays itself back in a few rounds, just have to make sure to read the fine print to get your secured rate. Several different Troon card options to choose from.
  • Cheap price of $99, can purchase through Legacy Golf Resort or Arizona Grand Golf Resort. Discounted greens fees, comped range balls, rewards points.
  • Two different cards, White Tee being cheaper and mainly just for discounted rates for you and 3 guests (~$1000/year); Black Tee is more expensive but you play for just a cart fee and your guests get discounted rates (~$9000/year). Both offer discounts in the golf shop and at nearby restaurants, as well as comped rounds of golf (with Black Tee having significantly more discounts). A heads up-these cards sell out fast!
  • You have to personally reach out to TPC Scottsdale for this one- they are priced at ~$1000. Only benefits are discounted rates and range usage, which when Stadium is $500/player and Champions $250/player, could be worth it. Stadium also does have blackout rates Jan-April and October-December.
  • $99 annual fee, provides discounts at almost 200 courses all over Arizona. It's basically like securing a coupon on their portal for that same day. No set discount in stone, sometimes you pay full price online and then get reimbursed at the course. They provide Daily Deals where you physically have to call the golf course and Last Minute Deals that you book online.
  • DO NOT RECOMMEND. The reviews on this online are awful and many say it doesn't work/waste of money.
  • $99/year, preferred rates with a 3 day booking window. 20% off food and drinks and 15% off in the golf shop. Other perks like replay rate and walking discounts.
  • Can also get the Player Development Program if you're a range rat- $99/month, you get a bag of balls per day, can pay just $20 to play during specific times
  • $99/month for 12 months or $249/month for 4 months.
  • Really good golf round discounts (prices are listed specifically for each Arcis course, there are 9 in the valley).
  • Free golf clinics, free food, discounts in the shop, guest rates.
  • 9 basic but good public courses included (Raven, McDowell Mountain, Ocotillo, Stonecreek, Continental to name a few).
  • Has a resident rate and a non-resident rate, as well as a senior and junior option (junior for only a few courses)
  • Non-residents can only have the card at Aguila, Encanto, Cave Creek, and Palo Verde- more expensive option as well at $100/year while residents can get the card and access to all city courses at $50/year.
  • $139 for a full year.
  • Includes half price range buckets.
  • Also a three day booking window with best guaranteed public rate.
  • Pass includes 2 rounds priced at $35.
  • $199 for October through the next July.
  • 5 day booking window to snag the lowest available rate, and it's good for you and three guests.
  • Also get 20% off of private lessons, and other discounted rates at Eagle Mountain, Legend Trail, and Orange Tree.
  • Can purchase at three different levels, Ultimate at ~$6500, Weekday at ~$4300, and Night Owl at ~$2500.
  • Unlimited includes anytime every day tee times with a cart. Weekday includes anytime golf Monday-Thursday, with just a $39 cart fee to play Friday-Sunday. Night Owl includes anytime golf every day after twilight, and discounted rates if you book prior too.
  • All have a 7-14 day booking window, include unlimited practice facility use, discounted guest rates, and 20% off in the golf shop.
  • While they are not offering a 2023 pass, I would stay tuned if I were you- they used to offer a discount card to access We-Ko-Pa Golf Club which is one of the best public courses in the valley. They are currently offering a summer pass available on May 1st, 2023.
  • $259 for a year (if you August- October it's discounted to $199).
  • 7 day booking window, discounted greens fees up to 45%, and good for up to 3 guests.
  • Also receive 15% off in the golf shop and 10% off in the restaurant.
  • $249 for a year.
  • 20% off of the best walk-up rate with a 5 day booking window.
  • Can bring up to 3 guests that are only charged $10 more than the loyalty rate.
  • 20% off in the pro shop, 10% off of food and drinks. and free golf round on your birthday.
  • Card is also good at Legend Trail GC, Red Mountain Ranch CC, Painted Mountain GC, and Hillcrest GC.
  • Most of the courses in the valley have plenty of rental clubs if you don't have yours.
  • Bring a glove or some extra golf balls if you leave yours at home to save some $.
  • Independent club rentals are not a bad idea, considering the alternative is paying a fee at each golf course you play and not having the same set for each round.
  • If you are thinking about shipping your clubs directly to the golf course....

Most people who do so use Shipsticks. (Personally I do not recommend, as I've seen the flimsy boxes they use, adding a third piece of the puzzle to be worried about on your trip, and these days relying on FedEx/UPS is iffy....I will always take my clubs to check at the airport. Most courses deal with Shipsticks so if it's a last resort it should be fine).

How do you think I get to play golf for free all the time out here?

I've worked at many courses in my life and by far it's one of the most fun jobs I've had.

Once you get immersed in the business, it's great to have a bunch of different connections to help each other out. Being able to play the course you work at is a great perk.

Keep in mind it's not just a free for all/play when you want/bring unlimited guests out with you. Each course has different policies depending on how busy they are. And you will have to put in the time, you can't just work once a week and expect to be successful. Many of my retired colleagues work at courses as fun side gig and something to keep them busy. A lot of young players will work at golf courses to have a home course to practice at. Having coworkers in the golf biz is great- it's a lot of hours and hard work during busy season out here, but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything!



Peak Season for AZ Golf


The beginning of January is usually only mildly busy after the New Year. Things start to pick up when the Barrett Jackson Car Show comes into town mid-January. The real mayhem builds up by the third week- as the Waste Management at TPC Scottsdale is typically held the first weekend of February, with the final day of play landing on Super Bowl Sunday.



WEATHER - Frost delays are common in January/February - they can be up to two hours delayed at some courses. Expect cold temps in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon - so wear layers!

COST = $$$$

This is the start of when golf courses are in prime time shape - however, it is the most expensive time. Highest prices are at the end of January/beginning of February, coinciding with the WMPO. Expect to pay $300-600 for higher-end courses and $200-$250 for those below.


Peak Season for AZ Golf


This will still be a crowded time to play golf in the valley - with spring training games for MLB baseball, courses still in prime shape, and a common time for spring break for those still in school.


This is the perfect Arizona weather month! Usually still a tad chilly in the morning, but sunny and warm by late morning. It will feel hot by April but still very manageable as a dry heat.

COST = $$$$

Not much dip from January/February, but slightly cheaper, especially toward the end of March into April. Expect to pay $250-$300 for higher-end courses and $100-$200 for those below.


Beginning of the Slow Season


This is when tourism starts to slow down, especially after Memorial Day. Not much is going on except holiday travel and the Phoenix Suns!

No big events. This is the “dead” season, with fewer crowds and tourists.

COST = $

The cheapest time of year to play golf! Prices drop every few weeks until the end of August. Expect to pay $80-$200 for premium courses and $50-$100 for those below.

Golf rates drop gradually every few weeks throughout the summer as the temperature goes up.

**Locals like me have grown to love the summers - way less crowded everywhere, can play anytime you want, and the rates are the lowest. Plus, the heat makes you play faster, lol.


May can still be very pleasant, but the heat starts to build as June approaches. June has consistent days in the 100 degrees.

This is when the weather is the most hectic, as it is monsoon season. Humidity and temperatures rise, and storms pop up frequently in the evenings/early mornings, some being pretty strong and causing trees to fall, courses to flood, etc. Rain checks may be common. 🙂


Overseed Season


Dead season, with tourism and crowds picking up again in late October.

COST = $$

Rates are still fairly cheap. Expect to pay $100-$250 for premium courses and $50- $150 for those below.


Monsoon season goes through September- occasional storms and humidity but dies off by October. This is the hottest time of year, in my opinion, with highs in August in the 110s. October is still fairly hot but manageable.


This is when the process of overseeding in Arizona goes on for most golf courses. The courses close down from a week - 3 weeks to complete, and they remain cart path only for a month after the completion. Course conditions can vary, and most will be soft and uneven.


Back into Season


People visiting for fall break, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas holidays. Snowbirds start to trickle in more this time of the year.


Temperature levels out, and the perfect Arizona climate settles in! December can be chilly in the evening.

COST = $$$

Rates pick up again at this time as courses return to operating like normal after overseeding. Expect to pay $200-$300 for premium courses and $100- $200 for those below.