Don't Be

An Idiot

Advice on How to Be a Great Guest and Get Treated Like a Local


  • Expect high pricing at peak season (February and March are the highest)- it's all about supply and demand.
  • You definitely get what you pay for (quality courses with great service, for the most part, will have higher greens fees).
  • Expect a water tax (usually around 5% added to the greens fee for every golf course in the city of Scottsdale).
  • Some resorts (Legacy, Four Seasons, We-Ko-Pa, Quintero, etc.) have stay-and-play packages! (See "Stay" Tab)
  • Ask for 36-hole specials or if you are playing there multiple days. Some courses offer a discount for same day 36 hole rounds or if you play the course twice in one week.
  • Remember to cancel within 48 hours!!! You will 100% get charged for no-shows. You wouldn't buy a concert ticket or a plane ticket and not be charged for completely ghosting…


  • Sunscreen, chapstick, and cash to tip are always a must.
  • Totally bring your own water bottle if you want (smart people do). The dry air zaps you. Obviously, it's hot as an oven during the summer.
  • November through March tend to have a big temperature dip, especially at night- it can get into the low 40s! Layers are a must during that time - believe it or not, it gets chilly in the desert! Wait, is frost a thing…?


  • Frost delays do happen! They tend to happen most often in January and February)… they are a b*tch for everyone involved, so be patient…it's only to protect the golf course and make your experience on the grass better!
  • Courses north of Scottsdale and Phoenix definitely get more weather, being at a higher elevation. There have been several times when the snow has stuck on the ground.
  • The golf courses do their best to give rain checks and no cancellation fees.


  • ALWAYS keep up with the group in front of you.
  • Keep in mind you should be picking up if you lose too many balls or have too many strokes on a hole out of courtesy. You're not on tour.
  • Slow play will always be a problem, especially during peak season…you can never 100% avoid it every single round you play. Remember that rangers are out there to help you out. Keeping up with the group in front of you and not slowing up so the group behind you catches your group is a golden rule. Also, you could be waiting on a group but still be on pace/playing fast for your round.

(There are worse places to be than a golf course!!! Grab a beer and just enjoy the scenery if you have to wait!)

  • It's super helpful to everyone if you always show up AT LEAST 15 minutes before your tee time. Your TEE TIME is when your golf ball should be in the air.
  • If you can’t make it on time, call the golf shop, and they always try to accommodate you.
  • If you want to warm up, get there with plenty of time to hit balls and get your cocktails.


  • Drinking and smoking are fine. If you are holding up play, blacked out, and crashing golf carts, then take your ass to a bar or an arcade with bumper cars.
  • Complimenting the cart girl is fine- but do not be the creepy guy trying to buy her shots or get her number. If you’re trying to pick up girls, please just go back to the bar or club. I promise you she does not find you or your golf swing attractive.
  • Do NOT hire girls to come be your caddie…yes, there are companies for that out here that exist. They can pay for their tee time and play a round of golf with you (lucky them), but courses do not allow outside caddies (and they will know).
  • Don’t bring alcohol because it's illegal, and they will know…
  • If you’re going to bring it (we've all been guilty of bringing an extra shooter or two for our Gatorade)… don’t let them find it and at least buy something/overtip all the food and beverage staff because you’re taking business from them.
  • Fivesomes are not allowed due to how busy all of the golf courses are.


  • Always tip!!! They will 100% know you stiffed them, I promise.
  • Outside staff literally keeps the golf course running- they wake up at 4 am to clean carts, throw away all of your empty beer cans and cigar butts, lug bags, and deal with idiot golfers like yourself asking if Paige Spiranac ever plays here. They work mainly for tips and bust their ass!
  • A $5 tip from each golfer is considered a good amount, usually after you pull the cart in and they finish cleaning your clubs. Exceptional service warrants more!
  • It's also good if you tip when dropping your golf bag off at the front.
  • The frenzy that occurs when a golfer tips a $100 to the bag drop before even stepping onto the course is a real thing - they know you mean business and will wait on you hand and foot. Who knows, forming a good relationship with the outside staff at your golf course might even mean they'll let you sneak out every once in a while.


  • Beginners are fine and welcome!

…but if you are just starting out… go to a range a few times first, a few practice sessions wouldn't hurt. Most golfers that play out here are frequent flyers and will not tolerate a 5-hour round.

  • I promise you, NO ONE GIVES A HOOT if you suck at golf or hit a bad shot!!! We've all been there! As long as you know the etiquette of the game and try to play efficiently, you'll be golden.

Golf in arizona is not your local muni course - if you follow these guidelines, people will notice and appreciate it!