Most all golf courses have head teaching pros that do individual lessons and offer group clinics, sometimes just all female clinics too. If you're looking to dip your toes in the water and get started, I recommend joining Facebook groups- specifically for the Phoenix area, AZ Golfers, and Phoenix Women's Golf. Here you will find many other lady golfers asking about female teaching pros, ladies' clinics, nine wines, and other gals to play with!

I recommend a local driving range to practice first before you play your first couple of rounds on the course.

  • It's a good idea to practice and get the feel of a golf swing down before you go out on a real course.
  • A lot of courses in the valley are always crowded, and it might make you a little less nervous to hit the driving range a few times before you tee it off. Plus, some golfers get cranky when other golfers are slow.
  • Driving ranges are also a great social spot to meet other golfers (and cute guys, lol).
  • Check my Where to Practice for some great spots!

There are so many places now to get cute golf clothes (thank god we have evolved from just knee-length skirts!)

If you're into the “athleisure” style seen in many ladies on the course today, you can find many clothes at all different prices!

- Lululemon has seriously UPPED their golf-style game!

  • Their skirts come in so many different colors now with a few different styles. I so appreciate the grabby part in the spandex to keep the shorts part from not budging while I'm swinging and golfing.
  • Their Define jackets give you the definition of a snatched waist, complete with pockets and a zipper (they come with or without a hood!).
  • I'm a huge fan of their joggers - almost all of them are appropriate for a golf course on a cold day, and I wear mine everywhere - so comfy!
  • Both newer fitness brands are expanding their line for more golf course-friendly looks. High quality, slightly less expensive than Lululemon.

Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, and Puma have solid women's golf collections! (They also have the biggest selection of shoes)


As well as Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, and Puma…

  • Steve Madden has a cute golf shoe line by Jena Koepka
  • Ecco has some of the comfiest and most high-quality golf shoes you'll find.
  • FootJoy is what a lot of pro/experienced golfers wear, and it has more traditional styles (they have a lot of clothes as well, and they have the best quality gloves, in my opinion!).

If I'm honest, AMAZON always has golf clothes that look just like all the name brands for a great price! Halara is in the same price range as Amazon as well- I have ordered 4-5 golf dresses off of their site (that I wear off the course too!) that are high quality and flattering, and most have built-in shorts with a golf ball pocket.

Check out stores like T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Target, etc., for cheap tops and skirts too! I've gotten some of my best golf shorts and skirts from these stores.

For a higher-end and more fashionable style, G/FORE and J.LINDEBERG are bright, sporty, quality golf brands that are very in right now.

YES! Just always make sure to ask the golf shop if it's okay (sometimes they charge a small “rider” fee). Totally fine to go enjoy the course and sit in the cart- it's a beautiful way to spend time outdoors, and most golf courses have amazing views.

Keep in mind when it's busy, some golfers joining your group might be a little apprehensive about letting an extra person join, especially when they're not playing. Remember to keep your phone on silent, don't move in someone's backswing, and the occasional offer for a cocktail never hurts. 🙂

Yes, although during the busy season, it's tricky. Most courses pair up random golfers signed up for a tee time to fill out a foursome. Be mindful that unless you pay for all 4 spots in a tee time, most of the time, it will be tricky to luck out into a tee time all by yourself or with just you and a friend. You'll have better luck doing so during twilight tee time hours (usually after 2-4 PM).

As far as being nervous, just like….don't be nervous about being nervous. You're not alone in feeling the pressure, with everyone watching you hit a tee shot, lol! Just talk to any golfer guy with a big ego. I will tell you, as a golfer that has to play golf with all kinds of different skill levels all the time, WE DO NOT CARE - as long as you keep pace, play semi-quickly, pick up, and move on after losing too many balls/having too many strokes on one hole, and following golf etiquette. Just match the vibe of the group. 🙂

Group clinics are a great way to network and connect with other female golfers!

I have joined several Facebook groups – AZ Golfers, Phoenix Women's Golf, Arizona Golf Events, Beginner Golf For Women, AZ Golf Enthusiasts, Arizona Golf Community Chat, and Marketplace, to name a few. Lots of people post about looking for a group to play golf with, where to find the best instructors, and offer invites to tournaments or scrambles they are hosting. Super friendly communities with a lot of helpful people!

Playing in a scramble tournament is a FUN way to get involved! Many organizations, corporations, and charities host these tournaments, usually to fundraise or have a fun day with the company. The Scramble format involves 4 people playing together as a team and picking the best shot for each shot everyone has. It's a group effort and is way less pressure as an individual golfer to perform well. I highly recommend signing up for these whenever you can- I love playing in scrambles, and they usually come with cocktails and gifts too! Make sure to keep an eye out for flyers at golf courses or posts on Facebook groups (usually where most of these are advertised).

BABES GOLF - A women-only golf community with monthly events and social hours held at many courses in Scottsdale! They offer an annual membership and a monthly membership. Cute branding and an energetic group!

GOLF GALS - This group offers weekly clinics and events at Dobson Ranch GC to ladies of all skill levels (even those who don't own golf clubs yet).

You'll hear a lot of people talk about etiquette when starting golf…. It's a set of unspoken rules and manners you're supposed to follow when playing. It stems from golf being one of the oldest sports around (and golf definitely does not stand for Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden anymore, don't listen to anyone who tells you that). Follow these couple of basic guidelines, and you'll be fine…

  • Always be quiet, and don't move when someone is lining up to hit. And always stand behind them off to the side when they are doing so (not directly behind them)- it probably will save you from getting hit by a golf ball, too, lol. This is to allow the golfer to focus to hit their shot. Sometimes, if you get a good read on the group, some people are more laid back and don't care if there are distractions.
  • Always let the person that is furthest out from the hole hit first.
  • Don't take forever to hit your golf shot or take a million practice swings, keep up the pace of play.
  • Be mindful of where you drive the golf cart or drag your pushcart. Do not EVER drive the cart near the green or set your bag on the green (it could get damaged easily and piss off the superintendent who takes care of the golf course and is the scariest person on the property).
  • Some people love music on a speaker when they play, and some don't. If you want to play music, make sure to ask the people in your group if it's okay first!
  • Always place your divots (the chunk that is made from your golf club when you hit a shot), fix your ball marks (the mark that is made on the green when your ball hits it), and rake the bunkers after you step in and hit out of them.
  • Asking the group if they want the flag pin in or out when everyone is putting, is always a polite gesture, and if you take the pin out, always set it off to the side so it's not in anyone's way.
  • Avoid stepping in the other golfer's line on the putting green. The line is the path that a golfer's ball would theoretically take to go into the hole. It's super impolite to step in someone's line and always walk around their ball on the outside of everyone's shots.
  • Always shake someone's hand or give them a hug after you finish the round! Even if you don't like someone in the group, just lie and say, “Nice playing with you” It's easier than being a biachhhh.


Yes, TikTok makes driving around the beverage cart and serving drinks to golfers on the golf course seem lucrative…while it can be, most courses already have a solid and professional beverage cart staff. Keep in mind that drunk and creepy men are literally everywhere, and it's not all $100 cash tips and nice manners.


My golfer girlfriends and I are lucky enough to work at a golf course that has a summer skins league, and we hop into money games all the time with the boys after work.

If you're looking to actually compete and play professional golf, The Cactus Tour is a local mini-tour where many ladies looking to tune up play in.

It's so great that golf is growing, especially for all the females out there!

  • If you are passionate about the game and helping others, there's a huge opportunity to get PGA certified and give lessons. I can't tell you how many people ask me day to day if I give lessons and teach (I do not have the patience for my own golf game, so I know better than to teach other people, lol). Being a female, a lot of ladies come to me and ask if they can get help with their golf game. There's a huge need for it!
  • There are pro-am companies out there where they pay you an appearance fee at scrambles and outings. Backswing Golf Events is a female-owned company that employs professional golfers (both competing and non-competing) where you get paid to show up to charity tournaments and fundraise out on the golf course. It's a great concept, and it's a lot of fun meeting people all over the country! The side money isn't bad either to cover your tournament fees or expenses.
  • Try to play in any scramble or outing you get invited to. It's way more laid back than competition golf, less pressure on you to perform, and an awesome way to meet new people and connect. Plus, you can win a lot of prizes or raffles!
  • Yes, a beverage cart job can be a great way to stack up cash and earn practice/play privileges at a course. A reminder that serving drinks on a golf course to men is not that it's all it's cracked up to be, but there are many side hustles you can do out here to make some extra cash for all of your golf expenses. Grind!
  • PLAY, PLAY, PLAY! Yes, grinding at the range and putting green will always help your golf game. However, playing on the course and getting into that competitive mode will always be a crucial step in developing your game when pressure comes into play. I've played with men who are +7 handicaps, female private club members who are 80 years old, my buddies who have a well-oiled money game, and everyone in between. It's all a learning experience, and once you play with the best or worst, you can play against anybody. Try switching up the tees every now and then, too, for some extra training.

I recommend networking as much as you can and saying “yes” to 80% of the opportunities you are invited to. You never know who you'll run into on the golf course or off, for that matter.

To be frank, most men have some weird obsession with girls who play golf. I've dealt with all kinds of creepers - from the weirdos watching your range session (literally just standing right behind me, like, sir, can I help you), “Are you the bev cart girl” comments, and the drunken idiots.

There is nothing wrong with saying “no” or “Please give me some space!” The more upfront and b*tchy you are, the more likely they will back off. If you're not interested, definitely don't give away your phone number or Instagram. My favorite is looking to see if they are wearing a wedding ring and asking if their wife is happy!!!!

The best comeback is absolutely waxing these hacks on the golf course and staying classy.