Hope you're thirsty and hungry! The amount of bars and restaurants in town is insane - not to mention there are so many different options and cool places to try. The food here is world-class, and the drinks are always flowing. It can be overwhelming to pick a place. Here's a list of the most popular spots. Cheers!




Yes, Scottsdale quite literally has every kind of food and drinking atmosphere you could want. Implants from all over the country and the world have made their mark on the variety of restaurants offered in town.

  • Brunch is a HUGE thing - maybe it's the beautiful weather and the impression that no one seems to actually go to work in this town, it can be a relaxing patio breakfast or an all-day affair. Yes, you should brunch.
  • For some reason, happy hour is popular too. And a drink with lunch. And a sophisticated bar after dinner or getting shots at the dive with your friends. Anyway, there are spots with all different atmospheres to unwind at. I highly recommend branching out to find your favorite local bar.
  • You'll see Portillo's, Culver's, Lou Malnati's, Texas Roadhouse, Giordano's, Skyline Chili, and more chains everywhere here. Let's just say the “implants” have brought their own favorites into town!
  • Don't want to eat out for every meal? Where the heck do you grocery shop?
  • Fry's, Albertsons, Bashas’, and Safeway are all standard grocery stores. (for all you Midwest implants, Fry's is an extension of Kroger, and yes, you can use your rewards number!)
  • A local favorite is AJ's Fine Foods - super nice spot with a coffee shop, bakery, deli, and more! Yes, it's a little boujee, but it is high quality.
  • Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's are all here as well.
  • Stock up on alcohol at Trevor's, a local favorite, or Total Wine.

And if you don't celebrate Taco Tuesday every week…you will now!